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Hybrid assemblies

In the world of automotive and electronics, speed is of the essence. Through the intelligent integration of state-of-the-art robot technology, we achieve impressive speeds that accelerate your production of metal-plastic composite parts.

GTech Rundtaktanlage für Hybrid-Baugruppen

Our automated manufacturing and assembly systems set new standards in terms of quality and productivity, especially for demanding applications such as sensors and assistance systems. They effortlessly overcome the challenges of highly complex sensor housings and connector solutions.

In addition, our automation solutions offer the possibility of easily integrating  Injection molding machines, which can further increase the efficiency of the production processes.


Hybrid assemblies

Injection molding insert technology

Injection molding insert technology offers clear advantages for metal-plastic composite systems: precise placement of punched and bent metal parts or  Inserts made from bulk material ensure high precision and improved mechanical strength. This saves assembly time and labor costs, expands design possibilities and improves the electrical performance of connectors and sensor housings, significantly increasing overall quality and efficiency.

Press-in technology

Pressfit technology is characterized by high reliability, good electrical performance and reduced assembly costs. It is particularly suitable when it comes to reliably connecting different materials or shapes while ensuring a stable electrical connection. This makes them the preferred choice when flexible design, durability and manufacturing efficiency are top priorities.

Possible contacts

  • Insertion contacts

  • Press-fit contacts

  • Spring contacts

  • ....

  • Nanopins (0.4 mm pin thickness)

  • Signal pins (from 0.6 mm pin thickness)

  • Power pins

Spritzguss- & Stitching-Technologie
Kontaktarten & Baugrößen


Integration of injection molding machines

The integration of injection molding machines (Engel, Arburg, ...) into the assembly process offers an extremely efficient way to integrate plastic parts directly from production to the finished product. This integration ensures high quality because the parts are manufactured in a perfectly coordinated assembly cycle. The result is faster production and significantly reduces assembly times.

Space-saving and modular design

Standardized modules offer significant advantages in fully automated manufacturing and assembly systems. Thanks to the space-saving design, the systems can be integrated even in limited production environments. In addition, the modular structure allows for flexible expansion so that the system can be adapted or expanded as needed. This ensures efficient, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of connectors and sensor housings, regardless of possible space limitations.
Modulare Bauweise, Spritzguss


High speed

The use of robots is state of the art in various application areas, including the packaging industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics industry and automotive industry. When it comes to precision, high speed and repeatability in handling operations, we rely on the latest robot technology. When it comes to the production of metal-plastic composite parts, Delta robots or Scara robots offer particularly remarkable performance. With their ultra-fast and precise movements, they are able to place and integrate connector components such as metal contacts or pins at high speed. The cycle times of less than 2 seconds enable efficient production with consistently high quality.

Extensive testing processes

EOL (End Of Line) testing ensures that no defective product leaves the manufacturing facility. It typically includes various tests and inspections, such as electrical continuity tests, dimensional tests, visual inspections and functional tests:
  • Length test
  • Electrical testing
  • Optical test
  • Position check
  • Injection control of the plug collars
  • cleaning
  • Marking and labeling
Hohe Geschwindigkeiten


Collecting and packaging

A reliable collection and packaging process ensures that the metal-plastic composite parts reach customers in perfect condition. In addition, packaging can also optimize the storage and shipping of components, contributing to the efficiency of the entire supply chain process.

The successfully tested components can be used, for examplegFeeder, the GTech tray stacking system, can be palletized fully automatically into trays. But packaging in tubes or as bulk goods in boxes is also an efficient option.
Sammeln und Verpacken

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