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About us

As an Upper Austria-based mechanical engineering company, during the 20 years since our establishment, we have undergone the development from a one-man operation to a general contractor! As a full-range provider for complex measurement, straightening, testing and assembly equipment in the large-scale production segment, we provide tailor-made solutions to our customers on a worldwide basis!


Planing, engineering, assembling and bring to life

With a focus on the above service areas, our company produces specially customized machines and plants that cannot be implemented via the serial production solutions available on the market. We assume full responsibility and have the necessary skills to meet the individual requirements of our customers at any time.

The basis for both the national and international business is the high depth of added value of all development and production operations. Thus, we see ourselves not only as a supplier but also as a reliable, competent and sustainable partner. As special-purpose machine manufacturers, we also offer a high degree of flexibility and creativity, resulting in a competitive advantage that is highly appreciated by our clients.

Continuous and sound growth characterize our history and long-term partnerships with our customers allow us to develop the company and its structures in a future-oriented manner.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to receiving your appreciated enquiry!
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