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As a mechanical engineering company, we have developed from a one-man operation to a general contractor! GTech is a full-service provider for complex measuring, straightening, testing and assembly equipment in the large-scale production segment. As a special machine manufacturer with headquarters in Upper Austria, the company supplies innovative, individualized solutions for customers all over the world.


Innovation, courage & know-how

We concentrate our competencies under one roof and, as a full-service provider, can reduce our communication channels to a minimum - this guarantees fast and flexible action and response times. An indispensable advantage in terms of modern and time-compressed process cycles.

To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we strive for the following points with our interested parties:
Long-term, partnership-based customer relationships should be the result of consistent knowledge and quality assurance.

A well-coordinated team of qualified and committed employees with an optimization and pioneering spirit brings our customers individual and unique solutions and is the basis for our success.

Our will to continuously improve should give us the strength to constantly question our processes and to continuously improve them.

In order to be able to continue to deliver the best quality, we want to build a partnership with our suppliers in which both sides benefit.

With our management system we guarantee compliance with all necessary regulations. We strive for,
to achieve a steady reduction in environmental impact and continuously improve environmental performance.

Our guiding principle
GTech creates the future: Innovative. Individually. International.

Our mission
Where standards reach their limits, customers are looking for individual solutions, quality and availability are required, there are our strengths and there is our know-how!

Our vision
GTech is the benchmark in automation technology for customers and employees - worldwide.

Our values
Innovation, know-how and courage.
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GTech values
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