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Electrical engineer 4.0


Automation and process control technology plus plant and operating technology with a focus on "PLC programming"

Electrical engineer


Automation and process control technology plus plant and operating technology

As an electrical engineer 4.0 in special machine construction, you will deal - far from standards - exclusively with visionary tasks for individual customer solutions. Exclusively at GTech you have the opportunity to learn the new profession of electrical engineer 4.0. This versatile and tailor-made training ensures you a #gtechtopjob with excellent future prospects.

Your added training value at GTech

The focus of your training is on the transfer of process flows for programming technical controls. Every technical system requires a freely programmable control that only works in connection with software specially developed for the task (TIA - “totally integrated automation”). Deeply rooted in automation technology, the use of the latest technologies is the order of the day for us. In the GTech training room specially set up for these requirements, you will be prepared for your future tasks with the help of well-equipped training facilities. In addition, you are already actively supporting programmers in the commissioning of systems in the third year of your apprenticeship. You also have the opportunity to gain your first international experience, as GTech customers can be found all over the world.
Your main tasks
  • Read and use technical documents as well as circuit and fluid diagrams
  • Wire, check and commission electromechanical assemblies
  • Manufacture, set up and test pneumatic controls
  • Measure and test electrical quantities
  • Systematically locate and eliminate errors, defects and malfunctions in systems
  • Systems with electromechanical, electronic and pneumatic / hydraulic 
    Maintaining, maintaining and repairing systems
  • Program, parameterize and connect freely programmable controls
  • Read and understand technical processes and program them in procedures
Your apprenticeship time and apprenticeship compensation
4 years, vocational school in Gmunden

1st year of apprenticeship 701.91 euros
2nd year of apprenticeship EUR 883.88
3rd year of apprenticeship 1,164.65 euros
4th year of apprenticeship 1,549.40 euros
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Your contact person



Apprentice trainer
+43 75 88 | 61992 122



Apprentice trainer
+43 75 88 | 61992 122

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