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"One person waits for the times to change,
the other seizes the day and acts" (Dante)

If you are also one of those people who
prefer action to complacency,
you might find the right challenge
in our company!


The 100% collection and traceability of quality and production data, over years or even decades, is an essential criterion in today's production plants.

Laser marking of products is becoming ever more important.

The advantages of laser marking over other labeling technologies are obvious:

  • Permanent, captive marking
  • Variable content
  • Extremely short cycle times
  • Verification immediately after the marking process
  • Low maintenance intensity
  • Marking costs approximately zero

Due to our many years of diverse project experience, we have integrated lasers for product labeling in a wide variety of applications.

This, of course, always under the all-encompassing aspects of machine and operator safety!

Below you will find already implemented applications of longitudinal, rotary and LEAN assembly machines.