The GTech laser marking system

The gMarker is an innovative compact solution for manual or automatic part identification.

The system has a laser unit for a wide variety of marking of position-oriented workpieces as well as already assembled assemblies. Depending on the version, operation is possible both as a stand-alone station and integrated into an automated system.

Via the system control or optionally a PC system, the information to be applied to the component, such as lettering, serial number, date / time, DataMatrixCode etc. are transmitted directly to the system and engraved permanently into the surface of steel, aluminum or plastic parts.

The use of the latest laser technology in combination with a housing that meets the latest safety requirements guarantees reliability and the protection of operating personnel.

System benefits

As a specialist in special machine construction, we are well acquainted with your requirements for availability in ongoing production and system flexibility, which is why the design of the station is reduced to the essentials and the possibility of continuous adaptation ensures a high level of reuse!