As one of the leading providers of measuring, straightening and testing equipment, we design and manufacture individual measurement and straightening systems for our customers, for the most diverse components and their quality characteristics. These guarantee 100% quality control and permit manual or automatic straightening of the areas of components which have been affected by the heat treatment process, so that the required tolerances are reached again.

The measured values are recorded via high-precision measuring technologies such as tactile measuring probes or visual measuring systems.

All employees handling measuring, straightening and testing technology are prepared and trained for the high requirements of the specific standards via targeted quality training workshops. The service we offer our customers includes performing measurement system analyses acc. to procedure 1, 2 & 3 (VDA Vol. 5) incl. submission of the appropriate test record!

Manual measuring and straightening systems

Our manual measuring and straightening systems are also increasingly used for small quantities or also in the start-up phase of a new product. Individually tuned straightening tools and live measurement during straightening enable the operator to straighten any warp on the component manually within a very short time, thus reaching the tolerances required.

Automatic measuring and straightening systems

Our automatic measuring and straightening systems are used as standalone systems with manual loading and unloading, as well as fully interlinked within production processes. Thanks to an individually developed, learning measuring and straightening software combined with hydraulic local or even 3D straightening tools, we guarantee our customers consistent and constant quality results.