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Automated provision of garments

Product description

Cleaning of working clothes has already been automated to a large degree. The entire logistics chain to the cleaned product can be largely outsourced to service providers.

Our new product focuses on manual withdrawal of working garments from the provision, this system being designed for size- and wearer-specific working garments. The system informs the customers via readout of the staff badge about their clothing credit, clothing location, clothing data and permits on the one hand return of the clothes, on the other hand immediate withdrawal, and registers the returned as well as the withdrawn clothes.

A touch terminal and a smart card reader in front of the personnel lock permit output of various items of system information and access to the withdrawal room for clothes. Assignment of the garments is effected when leaving the room, which is only possible by passing the personnel lock using the smart card; there, the garments taken along - without the personal clothing - are totalled to the staff credit.

Operating data management

Data administration is performed by a data server using an SQL database on a Windows-based PC system. Various data can be coupled with the service provider (laundry) via IT. Data can be matched between the laundry and the customer. Data management based on a PC system is integrated and data backup to existing customer server systems can be agreed upon on a contractual basis. Moreover, the customer thus disposes of a host of statistics.

Master data, staff, garments, washer
  • Master data, staff - departments - garments
  • Garments, types - special data
  • Clothing location, current whereabouts of the garment, staff - laundry - dispensing
  • Overview dispensing, total - room - racks ... by type - by size
  • Staff credit, general overview - per garment type - how many garments are available per employee - in use
  • Credits related to existing garments - per garment type - garment size
  • Authorizations, staff distribution point enabled - how many employees per distribution point are authorized
  • Settlement, number of employees per cost center - department - occupational group
Garment history (data journal)
  • Movements of laundry, warehousing - dispensing - returns in total / room / per employee / per garment
  • Movements within a period of time, distribution of movements (hour, day, week), capacity utilization peaks
  • Inventory changes over time, current status - warehousing - dispensing
  • Various analysis functions which are called up every x minutes / hours / days while collecting data
  • Overview of messages, malfunctions
  • Utilization frequency of the plant by staff
  • Movement frequency of clothes
Technology used, availability and maintenance

Thanks to the experience in an industrial environment, this Gardomat system comprises exclusively proven automation components.