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Automated provision of garments

Working clothes are a considerable expense factor in the healthcare and social sectors.

Scheduling and distribution thereof must be effected reliably and cost-efficiently, handling must be as straightforward as possible. An automatic laundry dispensing system helps.

Trust in us - WE are your powerful partner!

Product description

Cleaning of working clothes has already been automated to a large degree. The entire logistics chain to the cleaned product can be largely outsourced to service providers. Our product focuses on the dispensing of the garments to the customer, our system being geared to personalized dispensing of the working clothes.

A clear advantage wherever personal clothing is appreciated. Dispensing of the garments is time-variable. Transponder systems in the garments make the cleaning interval and the whereabouts of the garments traceable and also are used by the customer for costing. Employees can use the Gardomat via their staff badge or, in exceptional cases, by entering their personal password and the number of their garment slot.

Operating data management

Data administration is effected by a data server; all data can be coupled to the service provider (laundry) via IT. Data can be matched between the laundry and the customer. Moreover, the customer thus has access to many statistics.

Technology used, availability and maintenance

Thanks to the experience in an industrial environment, this Gardomat system comprises exclusively proven automation components.

Drives: Servo positioning system BECKHOFF
Controller: BECKHOFF

All mechanical movements are controlled via electric drives which can be set in a time-optimized fashion. Maintenance of the plant is limited to yearly inspection with lubrication of the guide systems in accordance with the actual use.

Power ratings, fluid requirements
  • Electrical power 3x400 V
  • Power consumption 3x400 V
  • Basic module - 2.3 KW, approx. 2.3 KW for each extension module
  • Minimum room height 2.6 m
  • Plant installation with floor mounting