Take off with an apprenticeship at GTech!
Make GTech your starting block for an exciting future as a technician!
Prove yourself in a company which has been growing continuously for 20 years now and exports the majority of its plants. Many of our employees started with an apprenticeship in our excellent internal training facility and are still here at our company today, sometimes in leading positions! You may also profit from their knowledge! Learn from the best and become a valuable part of our common future!
The choice of vocation is one of the most important decisions in a young person's life. To support you in this important decision, we offer you the opportunity of completing trial days in our company!
"Trial days" means that you spend one or several days in our company, in the specialist department in which you are most interested, or in the apprentice workshop. Thus, you will become acquainted with the various stations of the future skilled trade.'
To enrol for trial days at GTech, please contact Mr. Manfred Holzinger, our apprentice trainer, by phone or email (contact data below)